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MelodicTronic FM Radio playing melodic, techno, tech house, house, minimal and drum n bass music Saturday night from 10-11pm(PST).

Shisa Protectors by Scott David invites you to escape from reality and become one with the music in your ideal world of peace. Starting with a soft symphonic snack which leads to a full course of delightful vocal melodic techno along with a live mix at the end. Scott David and melodic techno are synonymous. All songs were carefully picked for this special melodic mix including Max Cooper, Egokind and Ozean, Parra for Cuva, Alex Costa, Ghost, Simone White, Just Emma, Reiner Zonneveld as key artists of the foundation.

Going Deep with The Wombats

matthew murphy and the wombats

On January 23rd, KX 93.5 FM “Go Deep” host Bruce Rave had the chance to interview Matthew “Murph” Murphy, frontman of UK pop-rock trio The Wombats, about their upcoming LP, tour, writing lyrics and more. (more…)

DJ macusa on MelodicTronic FM

DJ macusa MelodicTronic FM KX 935

MelodicTronic FM Radio playing melodic, techno, tech house, house, minimal and drum n bass music Saturday night from 10-11pm(PST).

Sentinel Beings land on Laguna Beach guided by DJ macusa, bringing local denizens some twisted metallic atmospheric sounds, building to an early climax as the sublime Nicole Moudaber works her magic remixing a mid 90’s classic “Give Me Luv” by Alcartaz, released on Yoshitoshi recordings of Deep Dish notoriety. (more…)

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Indie Film King of Herrings Discovery

king of herrings movie poster

John Mese KX 93.5 FMEddie Jemison KX 93.5 FM









King of Herrings Indie Film Chit Chat

Morning host Tyler Russell of KX 93.5 FM recently spoke with Eddie Jemison and John Mese about their new indie film, King of Herrings. (more…)

Brandon Phillips of Soul Surfing School


Brandon Phillips of the Soul Surfing School, a local grassroots business that has been providing surfing lessons, equipment, and so much more to Laguna Beach for the past 12 years, stopped by KX 93.5 FM to talk with Tyler Russell. (more…)

Concert Review: Forebear at the Slidebar

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Slidebar Downtown Fullerton, CA

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to attend the first night of tour for LA bands Figs Vision and Forebear at The Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton, CA. (more…)

DJ macusa on MelodicTronic FM

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Sentinel Beings Land on Laguna Beach…

DJ macusa MelodicTronic FMWe stand guard to protect our love of house music and the flawless DJ talents for long listening pleasure.

New Music: Modest Mouse “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”

Gen Alt Rock Modest Mouse KX 935 FM

Through a Reddit post last night, indie rockers Modest Mouse revealed a new track off their forthcoming album, the third since they initially teased the LP with the December release of Lampshades On Fire.

Generational Alt Rock Modest Mouse Lampshades On Fire

The highly anticipated Strangers to Ourselves, due out March 17 on Epic Records, will be the band’s first new music in six years, since the 2009 EP No One’s First and Your Next. At just over six minutes in length, “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box” is a funky, uptempo song complete with interesting instrumentation (horns! strings! beeps and boops!) and a groovy bassline. In the chorus, lead singer and guitarist Isaac Brock sings, “We greased all the roads / We’re floating in the light / We’re gonna break these borders / We’re gonna pulse in time”.







Generational Alternative Rock Modest Mouse KX 935 FM

A signature of the Modest Mouse sound, at around the 4-minute mark, the instrumental break suddenly deteriorates into a brief period of distortion then recovers. Isaac, himself, took to Reddit last night when the track was posted, welcomed user feedback, and cryptically answered a few fan questions. Asked about the inspiration for the song, he responded, “A vacuum. Salvador Dali. Reality. Naaa none of that s***”. Asked about what the album cover art depicts, he simply answered, “Humans made tiny”. Asked what track he’s most excited for people to hear on the new LP, he sharply replied,  “I didn’t make a record of one song I was excited for people to hear. I got rid of anything I wasn’t excited to have people hear”. One user evoked a “Bingo” from Isaac with their comment on the song, “Really makes me want to dance but it still has this sorta sad feeling in it. I feel like over all this will not be a happy album”. If that response is anything to go by, we’re in for some confusingly danceable melancholia next month, and we can’t wait.


Modest Mouse Tour Dates

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Modest Mouse – Lampshades On Fire (Vinyl Record)


Modest Mouse – The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box (Audio)

Modest Mouse – Coyotes