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Laguna Limelight centers on popular, underground and emerging electronic music. The show also brings news on local music festivals and events, as well as providing outlets for learning to DJ and produce all sub-genres of electronic music. Specials include: interviews, guest DJ visits, ticket giveaways and more. Hosted by Scott David and Steve "The Ruckus" Whelan,

The Limelight was a chain of nightclubs owned by nightclub czar Peter Gatien in the 1970's. The King of New York Clubs was responsible for bringing massive attention to new styles of music. In the 1990s, The Limelight was better known for techno, house and industrial music.

We continue this trend with more sub-genres of Electronic Music. 

Show Segments:

  • Crate Digs: pull and listen to the most classic tracks of all time
  • Interview with local DJs, producers and artists (once a month)
  • Updates on local music festivals and events
  • Quick Tips: how to DJ, produce, DAW (Digital Audio Work Station), etc.
  • Producer of the Month: discovery of a producer once a month
  • Free form one-on-one with Scott and The Ruckus; everything and anything
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Laguna Limelight Radio - KX 93.5 FM

1 week ago
9/3/14, 12:00am

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DJ Rokstdy On Laguna limelight

Live in studio DJ Rokstdy...

"Fall into the Groove" with DJ Rokstdy as he brings 2 hours of in studio mixing.

Genres consist of Trap, Moombahton, Electro, EDM and Drum n Bass music.

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2 weeks ago
8/27/14, 12:00am

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Eddie L Portillo on Laguna Limelight

Edson Portillo Is an American electronic music Dj/Producer from Los Angeles, CA.

After 5 years of performing as a local Dj, Eddie had his "official debut" to the EDM scene in April 2013 at Ten(X)nightclub in Newport Beach, CA.

Since then Eddie has built a loyal following in over 51 countries online while
performing alongside an assortment of international hip-hop, latin,
and EDM artists, earning him a residency at the world famous Sutra
Nightclub, in Newport Beach.

In Spring 2014 Eddie performed at
Insomniac Events "Awakening" at Exchange,
closing main stage for Project 46’s first LA show.

Now launching into Summer 2014 with JAG AGENCY to promote his new brand, Eddie has performed at Wet Electric, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas, Debut with Event Vibe at BASSMNT, San Diego and plans to finish off the Summer at
Dancefestopia, Kansas City with many more events in between...

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3 weeks ago
8/20/14, 5:00pm

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DJ Evy and Max Cooper on Laguna Limelight

Catch DJ Evy in the mix on Laguna Limelight.

Mixing it up with house, EDM, Electro, Trap and Hip Hop for the first hour.

Second hour consists of a beautiful mix from Max Cooper which Scott David had the pleasure of speaking with for some insight into his tour, projects, and his recent album release "Human".

Fall into the groove people.

Support us by easily visiting and select Laguna Radio Inc as the charitable organization. .05% of your purchases will be sent to KX935 directly. Thank You!

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